Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence


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Trommer, Jochen (ed.) (to appear). ‘The Morphology and Phonology of Exponence.’ (Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 41). to table of contents.

Trommer, Jochen (ed.) (to appear). ‘The Theoretical Tools in the Modeling of Morphological Exponence,’ Special Issue of Morphology. to table of contents.

The Morphology and Phonology of Exponence - Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (Jochen Trommer)
  2. The architecture of grammar and the division of labor in exponence (Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero)
  3. The Hapolological dissimilation at distinct stages of exponence (Andrew Nevins)
    Polarity: Introductory remarks to the chapters by de Lacy and Wunderlich
  4. Morphophonological polarity (Paul de Lacy)
  5. Polarity and constraints on paradigmatic distinctness (Dieter Wunderlich)
  6. Contextual allomorphy (Eulàlia Bonet and Daniel Harbour)
  7. Syncretism (Adam Albright and Eric Fuß)
  8. Templatic and subtractive truncation (Birgit Alber and Sabine Arndt-Lappe)
  9. Ø-Exponence (Jochen Trommer)
  10. Reduplication (Sharon Inkelas)
  11. Iconicity (Laura J. Downing and Barbara Stiebels)
  12. Non-concatenative morphology as epiphenomenon (Patrik Bye and Peter Svenonius)

The Theoretical Tools in the Modeling of Morphological Exponence - Table of Contents

  1. Syntagmatic Constraints on insertion (Stefan Keine, UMass Amherst)
  2. Minimal reduplication and reduplicative exponence (Jesse Saba Kirchner, UC Santa Cruz)
  3. A radically non-morphemic approach to bidirectional syncretism (Gereon Müller, University of Leipzig)
  4. Word construction: tracing an optimal path through the lexicon (Gabriela Caballero, UC San Diego, and Sharon Inkelas, UC Berkeley)
  5. On Latin nominal inflection: the form-function relationship (Bernd Wiese, IDS Mannheim)
  6. Paradigmatic generalization of morphemes (Jochen Trommer, University of Leipzig)
  7. Candidate chains, unfaithful spell-out, and outwards-looking phonologically-conditioned allomorphy (Matthew Wolf, Yale University)
  8. Subset controllers in agreement positions (Peter Ackema, UCL London, and Ad Neeleman, University of Edinburgh)
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