Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Sixth Network Meeting & Workshop on Theoretical Morphology 5

Date and Venue: June 25-26 2010 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany


  • Roberta D'Alessandro & Marc van Oostendorp (Leiden University/Meertens Institute Amsterdam): ‘Vocative morphology at the syntax-phonology Interface’
  • Olivier Bonami & Gilles Boyé (Université Paris-Sorbonne & LLF, Université de Bordeaux & CLLE): ‘Opaque Paradigms, Transparent Forms in Nepali Conjugation’
  • Eric Fuß & Carola Trips (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt): ‘The Northern Subject Rule’
  • Doreen Georgi (University of Leipzig): ‘Chameleon Probes in Mordvin’
  • Chris Golston (California State University): ‘Prosody as Morpheme Compression’
  • Daniel Harbour (Queen Mary University of London): ‘Discontinuous linearization’
  • Johannes Hein & Stefan Keine (University of Leipzig): ‘On the Geometry of Marker Inventories’
  • Sharon Inkelas (University of California, Berkeley): ‘Optimal Construction Morphology: A Cyclic approach’
  • Joost Kremers (Univertity of Göttingen): ‘Bare Phrase Structure and DM’
  • Andreas Opitz (University of Leipzig): The Processing of Morphological Features: ERP-Evidence for Underspecification
  • Renate Raffelsiefen (IDS Mannheim): ‘Affixes versus affixoids in German’
  • Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge): ‘Blank generation’
  • Barbara Stiebels (ZAS Berlin): ‘Reevaluating position classes’
  • Sandhya Sundaresan (CASTL Tromsø): ‘PRO and anaphors are syntactically conditioned allomorphs’
  • Jochen Trommer (University of Leipzig): ‘Paradigmatic Generalization of Morphemes’
  • Jochen Trommer & Eva Zimmermann (University of Leipzig): ‘Generalized Mora Affixation’
  • Thomas Wier (University of Chicago/MPI EVA Leipzig): ‘“Trinsicity” In Rule Ordering and Georgian Agreement’
  • Dieter Wunderlich (ZAS Berlin): ‘Degenerated paradigms - radically underspecified exponences’


Thursday, June 24

19:00 Get together at Alte Canzley (menu)

June 25-26

Friday, June 25
Saturday, June 26
09:00-09:15 Introduction
09:15-10:00 Daniel Harbour Barbara Stiebels
10:00-10:30 Johannes Hein & Stefan Keine Eric Fuß & Carola Trips
*Coffee Break*
11:00-11:30 Roberta D'Alessandro & Marc van Oostendorp Joost Kremers
11:30-12:00 Jochen Trommer & Eva Zimmermann Doreen Georgi
12:00-12:30 Dieter Wunderlich Thomas Wier
*Lunch Break*
14:00-14:45 Chris Golston Olivier Bonami & Gilles Boyé
14:45-15:15 Andreas Opitz
Thematic groups
15:15-15:45 Sandhya Sundaresan
*Coffee Break*
16:15-16:45 Renate Raffelsiefen Jochen Trommer
16:45-17:30 Sharon Inkelas Ian Roberts
18:00-19:00 guided tour through Wittenberg
19:30 conference dinner at Il Castello
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