Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Keine, Stefan and Müller, Gereon (2010)


In contrast to Aissen (2003), the authors argue that differential object marking should not be captured in syntax, but in (a DM-style) postsyntactic morphology where the application of impoverishment rules is triggered by OT-constraints. This is shown to derive the observation that marked objects tend to be case-marked by longer and more sonorous marker than their unmarked counterparts under the assumption that more specific affixal exponents (i.e. those with more morphosyntactic features) are longer/phonologically heavier than less specific ones (= the Iconicity Principle in Müller 2008),

authorKeine, Stefan and Müller, Gereon
titleNon-Zero/Non-Zero Alternations in Differential Object Marking. .
booktitleProceedings of NELS 39


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