Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Lappe, Sabine and Alber, Birgit (to appear)


This handbook article discusses truncation as one type of morphological exponence. First, the two processes of subtractive truncation and templatic truncation are distinguished defining the former as a process that deletes a well-defined portion of the base whereas the latter results in a (prosodically defined) invariant output form. The article discusses in a detailed way the formal and semantic side of these processes, summarizes the relevant approaches and concludes with a definition of truncatory morphology that emphasizes the structural predictability of the output of templatic and subtractive truncation. After showing that the view of the unpredictability of the patterns is untenable, an OT-account is presented as well.

authorLappe, Sabine and Alber, Birgit
yearto appear
editorTrommer, Jochen
booktitleThe Handbook of Exponence
publisherOxford University Press


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