Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Kurisu, Kazutaka (2001)


This dissertation proposes a theory dubbed “Realizational Morphology Theory” that strives to explain different types of morpheme realization in a coherent way. It is claimed that concatenative morphology as well as nonconcatenative morphology can be analysed in a unified way in an OT-system assuming a constraint RealizeMorpheme demanding that the the presence of every morpheme must have some phonological effect. A second major ingredient into this analysis is the relativization of faithfulness constraints to morphosyntactic categories -- the interaction of RealizeMorpheme with these constraints then easily obtains the entire range of a-templatic non-concatenative morphology without assuming floating features, zero morphs or abstract morphemes like RED or TRUNC. Morphophonological polarity as in Luo is also derived from RealizeMorpheme.

authorKurisu, Kazutaka
titleThe Phonology of Morpheme Realization
schoolUniversity of California at Santa Cruz
noteAvailable as ROA 490-0102


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