Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Kager, René (1996)


Probably the most influential paper on Phonological Suppletion in the OT-literature. Kager argues that Estonian choses different suffix allomorphs after bases with even and odd syllable number. Discarding syllable counting for conceptual reasons he concludes that this cannot be a case of phonological selection for phonological base shape. In his analysis, he assumes that morphology provides a set of allomorphs to phonological evaluation, where different allomorphs are chosen to satisfy prosodic wellformedness constraints on the output (for the base-suffix complex). See Paster (2005,2006) for detailed criticism of Kager's approach and a reanalysis of the Estonian data based on phonological base selection (cf. also Trommer 2008).

authorKager, René
titleOn affix allomorphy and syllable counting
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booktitleInterfaces in Phonology
publisherBerlin Akademie-Verlag


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