Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Inkelas, Sharon (forthcoming)


This paper argues that it is counterproductive to attempt to distinguish between morphologically conditioned phonology and (nonconcatenative) morphology: they involve the same operations, apply to units of the same size, and are involved in the same type of cyclic interactions. According to Inkelas, this state of affairs is best captured by a theory where each word-formation operation is associated with a cophonology capturing all the morphophonological effects associated with the operation. The theory differs from Stratal OT in rejecting the distinction between morphological exponence and phonology, and in countenancing an unbounded number of construction-specific cophonologies. It differs from Indexed Constraint Theory in adopting cyclic derivations.

authorInkelas, Sharon
titleThe morphology-phonology connection
journalProceedings of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society


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