Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Inkelas, Sharon and Zoll, Cheryl (2005)


This monograph develops the Morphological Doubling approach to reduplication. In this approach, semantic, rather than phonological, copying defines reduplication. It is only an accident if each half of the reduplicative construction is filled by phonologically similar material, since what is doubled is morphological rather than phonological constituents (as evidenced, e.g., by allomorphic stems). Consequently, the relevance of the notions ‘base’ and ‘reduplicant’ is called into question, as is the widely assumed iconic character of reduplication. An important contribution of the book – whether one agrees with the controversial central premise or not – is the attention to morphological and semantic properties of reduplication in the numerous case studies.

authorInkelas, Sharon and Zoll, Cheryl
titleReduplication: Doubling in Morphology
publisherCambridge University Press


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