Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Hjelmslev, Louis (1943/61)


(= Surrey 48) Syncretism is described within the context of glossematics, using the notion of dominance: the feature which is a necessary condition for a particular syncretism is said to dominate the overlapping (i.e. syncretized); for example, neuter gender dominates the overlapping of nominative and accusative singular in Latin. The actual manifestation of a syncretism can be a fusion or an implication: a fusion is identical to all or none of its component features, while an implication is identical to the realization of one (or some) of its components, but not all. Syncretisms can be resoluble or irresoluble. For a resoluble syncretism one can, in the given context, determine which of the syncretized features is actually being expressed; one cannot determine this for an irresoluble syncretism.

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