Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Haspelmath, Martin (1995)


Martin Haspelmath contrasts agglutination and reanalysis where he notes that ‘agglutination is essentially a syntagmatic process, while reanalysis is a paradigmatic process.’ He draws parallels to earlier debates over agglutination and reanalysis in the diachronic creation of affixes, in relation to current ones over primarily syntagmatic or paradigmatic approaches to synchronic morphological analysis. In this paper his analysis presents an integrative view where both agglutination and reanalysis play important roles in the diachronic rise of affixes, and likewise both a syntagmatic and paradigmatic approach in theoretical morphology. Morphological reanalysis leads to longer affixes where agglutination and reanalysis are both used for semantic enrichment compensating for phonological reduction. Agglutination and reanalysis are both complementary ways speakers keep their language viable.

authorHaspelmath, Martin
titleThe growth of affixes
journalYearbook of Morphology


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