Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Halle, Morris and Marantz, Alec (1993)


Foundational paper on DM, spelling out the classical version of the theory. Provides an in-depth analysis of English verb inflection with extensive and explicit use of zero VIs, and a detailed discussion of zero morphs. In particular Halle & Marantz rebut thecombinatorial analytic indeterminacy argument of Pullum & Zwicky (1992) and Anderson (1992) by showing that standard syntactic structures would require positing much less zero morphs than claimed by Pullum, Zwicky, Anderson. Moreover, they argue for the linguistic reality of zero morphemes since they play a crucial role in syntax.

authorHalle, Morris and Marantz, Alec
titleDistributed Morphology and the Pieces of Inflection
editorHale, Kenneth and Keyser, S. Jay
booktitleThe View from Building 20
publisherCambridge MA: MIT Press


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