Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Gelderen, Elly van (2004)


In this book, Elly van Gelderen focuses on (cross-clausal) grammaticalization processes that lead from independent clauses to subordination (involving the creation of complementizers) and subsequently to changes in which originally bi-clausal structures gradually become mono-clausal. This "compression” of structures typically involves the rise of auxiliaries from former main verbs and, eventually, the development of new verbal inflections for Tense or Aspect. Drawing primarily on data from the history of English, van Gelderen argues that the relevant grammaticalization processes are shaped by economy principles that avor an (re)analysis of specifiers as heads and prefer elements to be merged as late (i.e., as high in the phrase marker) as possible.

authorGelderen, Elly van
titleGrammaticalization as Economy
publisherJohn Benjamins


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