Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Frampton, John (to appear)


(= Surrey 38) A Distributed Morphology account of the syncretism of 1sg and 3sg past in Germanic. It is attributed to the Impoverishment (deletion) of reference to 1st person features in the underlying person feature represantations [+1, -2] ‘1st person’, [-1, +2] ‘2nd person’ and [-1, -2] ‘3rd person’, yielding a two-way distinction of [-2] ‘not 2nd person’ and [+2] ‘2nd person’. Further evidence for a bifeatural analysis of person is adduced from Berber, where the distribution of the prefix t- over 2sg and 3sg is attributed to the feature specification [-1].

authorFrampton, John
yearto appear
titleSyncretism, impoverishment and the structure of person features
booktitlePapers from CLS 38


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