Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Fitzpatrick, Justin; Nevins, Andrew I., and Vaux, Bert (2004)


The paper argues that formal primitives (such as logical negation as part of rules/constraints) independently needed in linguistic theory lead inevitably to the conclusion that the formulation of alpha/exchange-rules should be possible. Empirically it is argued tht a purely morphological case of polarity/exchange is found in the theme vowels of subjunctive Spanish verbs, and a purely phonological case in Zok (a dialect of Armenian where presumedly underlying o -> u, and underlying u -> o). Formally the authors posit a complexity hierarchy for exchange rules/processes.

authorFitzpatrick, Justin and Nevins, Andrew I., and Vaux, Bert
titleExchange rules and feature-value variables
noteHandout of a talk at Naphc 2004


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