Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Don, Jan (1993)


Monograph on morphological conversion. Contains a convenient discussion of the theoretical literature on conversion and a detailed analysis of conversion in Dutch. Central theoretical claims: Morphology is strictly separated between a morphological/morphotactic and a morphophonological level which are linked by finite-state transducers. At the morphotactic level, conversion is standard affixation of an affix which is simply not mapped to phonological material by finite-state transduction. In particular (and contra Lieber 1981) conversion is claimed to be directional in the same way as affixation (i.e. for homophonous nouns and verbs which are related by conversion either the noun is basic or the verb resulting in well-defined empirical differences).

authorDon, Jan
titleMorphological conversion
seriesOTS dissertation series
publisherUtrecht Verlag Onderzoeksinstituut voor Taal en Spraak


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