Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Davis, Stuart (2005)


This paper attacks Steriade's (2000) analysis of the Withgott Effect: i.e. of the contrast between míli[t]àry~mìli[t]?rístic and cápi[D]?l~càpi[D]?lístic in American English. Davis shows that the absence of flapping in mìli[t]?rístic is regular (cf Mèdi[t]?rránean); it is the presence of flapping in càpi[D]?lístic that involves misapplication. Crucially, however, Davis argues that this misapplication effect does not involve flapping directly, but rather foot structure: the pretonic syllable of càpi[D]?lístic is attached to the foot on the left in order to mirror the foot structure of cápi[D]?l. Consequently, the Withgott Effect does not support the paradigmatic transfer of fine phonetic detail, contra Steriade.

authorDavis, Stuart
titleCapitalistic v. militaristic: the paradigm uniformity effect reconsidered
editorDowning, Laura and Hall, T. Alan and Raffelsiefen, Renate
booktitleParadigms in phonological theory
publisherOxford University Press


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