Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Davis, Stuart and Ueda, Isao (2006)


This paper investigates the typology of mora augmentation and claims that the preferred means to realize an augmentated mora differs depending on its origin: a mora that is augmented for prosodic reasons typically results in vocalic augmentation whereas a mora that is added for morphological reasons is more often realized through consonantal augmentation. This claim is backed up with exemplifying analyses for each of these cases: prosodically-induced mora augmentation in Karina and morphologically-induced mora affixation in Saanich. Apart from its typological claim, this is also an argument for OT arguing that the different constraint rankings in OT are a convenient tool to analyse the different means to realize a mora.

authorDavis, Stuart and Ueda, Isao
titleProsodic vs. morphological mora augmentation
journalLexicon Forum


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