Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Coleman, Robert (1991)


(= Surrey 28) The typology of syncretism in Coleman (1976) is revised and expanded: (a) 1st degree ("sporadic"): loss of distinction between some (but not all) lexemes in a given paradigm. (b) 2nd degree ("partial"): = 1st degree syncretism in Coleman (1976). (c) 3rd degree ("full"): = 2nd degree syncretism in Coleman (1976). (d) 4th degree ("total"): = 3rd degree syncretism in Coleman (1976). The stability of noun paradigms over time is explored, using data from English, Latin Greek, Armenian, Lithuanian and Sanskrit, whereby instability is correlated with paradigmatic asymmetry (i.e. instances of 1st and 2nd degree syncretism).

authorColeman, Robert
titleThe Assessment of Paradigm Stability: Some Indo-European Case Studies
editorPlank, Frans
booktitleParadigms: The Economy of Inflection
publisherMouton de Gruyter
pages197- 212.


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