Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Bye, Patrik (2006)


Bye argues in a vein with Paster (2005,2006) and contra Mester (1994), Kager (1996), Perlmutter (1998), Bonet et al. (2006) that phonologically conditioned suppletion is not generally due to phonological optimization/markedness reduction, but to lexical subcategorization of single affixes. Subcategorization is achieved by inviolable morpholexical constraints. Bye assumes for independent reasons that subcategorization/morpholexical constraints apply simultaneously or after phonological optimization. To account for cases of opaque allomorph selection (cf. Aranovich and Orgun 2006), Bye considers the possibility to invoke Containment Theory.

authorBye, Patrik
titleAllomorphy -- selection, not optimization
noteMs.,University of Tromsœ, CASTL


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