Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Burzio, Luigi (2007)


It is claimed that phonology and morphology interact in parallel, both being subject of violable constraints. Burzio’s Representational Entailments Hypothesis predicts three tendencies of syncretism: (i) attraction: extension of a form to an adjacent cell; (ii) more marked categories (subjunctive, plural, ...) are more affected; (c) the more general or less marked form is extended. – The paper shows that the corresponding constraints can be violated in order to avoid phonological OCP-violations. In particular, it analyzes the replacement of dative clitics before accusatives in various Romance languages: by locative, partitive, or reflexive.

authorBurzio, Luigi
titlePhonologically conditioned syncretism
editorMontermini, Fabio and Boyé, Gilles and Hathout, Nabil
booktitleSelected Proceedings of the 5th Décembrettes: Morphology in Toulouse
addressSomerville, MA
publisherCascadilla Proceedings Project


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