Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Ashby, William (1977)


Ashby discusses the noun group and the verb group of Modern Standard French from synchronic and diachronic perspectives. He explores the hypothesis of whether the noun and verb group may eventually become in each case a single lexeme, the subunits of which would be morphologically bound. He considers the relative imminence of this probable synthesis, then their structural and typological implications. If the synthesis is completed, a highly complex, polysynthetic, morphology will result for Future French (FF). The morphological complexity of such a system will no doubt approach that of CL, but unlike CL, the inflectional signals in FF will occur most regularly at the beginning, rather than at the end of the lexeme. A morphological system of prefixed inflection will than have been created. There are several tables in this work: the noun and verb group of Standard Modern French; determiners and subject clitics in the MSF.

authorAshby, William
titleClitic Inflection in French. An Historical Perspective


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