Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Anderson, Stephen R. and Wayles, Browne (1973)


The paper claims that strictly phonological exchange rules (as proposed in Chhomsky and Halle 1968 for the Great English Vowel Shift and by Kucera 1955 for a rule relating vowels in two varieties of contemporary Czech) are impossible, but morpholexical exchange rules are well-documented. Examples for the latter type of polarity which are discussed: Vowel length polarity in Czech diminutives, voicing polarity in Luo and Shilluk nouns, vowel length polarity in Dinka nouns, and nasal-stop vs. simple nasal exchange in Päri/Anywa (Pari/Anuak) nouns. Most of the paper is devoted to a detailed discussion for alleged and purely phonological exchange processes in Czech which are argued not to exist.

authorAnderson, Stephen R. and Wayles, Browne
titleOn keeping exchange rules in Czech
journalPapers in Linguistics


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