Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Alexiadou, Artemis (2004)


Artemis Alexiadou argues that an investigation into the diachronic development of possessives in English, German and French provides important insights into the structure of possessive DPs in general. More specifically, it is claimed that the different historical stages of the grammaticalization path from possessive adjectives (which can co-occur with determiners such as Italian il mio libro ‘the my book’) to possessive determiners (which cannot co-occur with determiners, cf. English *the my book) provide further evidence for a tripartite distinction for possessive pronouns along the lines of Cardinaletti (1998), where a structural difference is made between clitic possessors that move to D°, and weak/strong possessors that are XPs and either move to the specifier of a DP-internal AgrP (weak possessors) or may stay behind in their base position (SpecnP).

authorAlexiadou, Artemis
titleOn the development of possessive determiners: Consequences for DP structure
editorFuß, Eric and Trips, Carola
booktitleDiachronic Clues to Synchronic Grammar
publisherJohn Benjamins


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