Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Albright, Adam (2002)


Albright develops a restrictive theory of which stem forms may in principle be affected by analogical leveling. Assuming that the direction of analogical leveling is determined by the morphological structure that learners posit, Albright argues that learners scan the input for a ‘maximally informative’ base form, which allows them to generate the remaining (unknown) forms in the paradigm as accurately as possible. Albright defines the maximally informative verb base as the form that suffers the least serious phonological and morphological neutralizations—i.e., loss of (morpho-) phonemic contrasts in a certain stem form due to the affixation of inflectional material. Examples discussed include the loss of stem vowel alternations in the history of English and Yiddish.

authorAlbright, Adam
titleThe Identification of Bases in Morphological Paradigms


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