Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Adger, David, Susana Béjar and Daniel Harbour (2003)


This article is a reply to Carstairs-McCarthy (2001b) who critizises the restrictions on allomorphy in Bobaljik (2000). The authors claim that the data presented by Bobaljik are indeed counter-evidence for Carstairs-McCarthy’s predictions on possible patterns of allomorphy, which the latter denied. Furthermore, Adger et al. (2003) argue that Carstairs-McCarthy’s system is conceptually and technically more complex than Bobaljik’s and that his proposal is simply a generalization, but no explanation of the facts, since his concept of ancestry is not independently motivated. Finally, they show that Carstairs-McCarthy’s example for inward sensitivity to morphosyntactic features – which Bobaljik’s proposal excludes – can easily be explained in Bobaljik’s framework by general principles (locality, feature projection) without weakening the restrictions on possible allomorphy.

authorAdger, David, Susana Béjar and Daniel Harbour
titleDirectionality of Allomorphy: A Reply to Carstairs-McCarthy
journalTransactions of the Philological Society


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