Network Core Mechanisms of Exponence

Ackema, Peter and Neeleman, Ad (2000)


A classical study on ineffability that discusses the problem mostly from the point of view of syntactic theory. The paper develops a NULL Parse approach without MPARSE (Prince & Smolensky 1993) but with a rudimentary universal Control component (cf. Orgun & Sprouse 1999, 2010) consisting in the unviolable requirement that candidates are semantically equivalent to the input for specific features Candidates - except when they are the Null Parse. As a consequence if a constraint ranking leads to non-parsing of a relevant semantic feature for an input, the Null Parse/ineffability emerges since all other underparsing candidates are excluded by the Control component (see Trommer 2002 for a similar approach).

authorAckema, Peter and Neeleman, Ad
titleAbsolute Ungrammaticality
editorDekkers, Joost and van der Leeuw, Frank and van der Leeuwvan de Weijer, Frank Jeroen
booktitleOptimality Theory. Phonology, Syntax and Acquisition
publisherOxford University Press


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